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Test paper for dental students - Hematocrap pathology test 1

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Hematocrap pathology
Dental Abbreviations
Dental terminology
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Dental terms
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Dental terminology 2
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Question Answer
decrease # of neutrophils
decrease # of platelets
T or F: most of the iron released from destroyed red blood cells (in the spleen) is lost.
60-80% of total body iron is stored in circulating red blood cells, the rest is bound to __________ and is stored as __________.
What form is iron stored as in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow?
What molecule stores iron?
What enzyme transports iron?
Iron is absorbed via a receptor mechanism in its _______ form.
Iron is absorbed in the intestine in the ______ form.
Iron is a component of the _______ moiety of hemoglobin.
What part of filtered hemoglobin is converted into blirubin?
Iron deficiency anemia is characterized by _______________.
Which portion of hemoglobin is the binding portion?
Adult hemoglobin has __ globin peptides, __ alpha and __ beta.
This accounts for 90% of the dry weight of the RBC.
RBC formation requires these three specific nutrients.
RBC formation is stimulated by ________ which is produced in the kidney.
This cell has an average life span of 120 days, biconcave disk shape, thin center.
Most growth factors (ie interluekins) are produced in the bone marrow. Which one is the exception and where is it formed?
Mature blood cells are descendants of pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells. Two major cell lineages are formed. What two are they and what do they give rise to?
If hematopoetic bone marrow is destroyed, ___________ _________ may resume in the _______, _______, and _________ _______.
____________ hematopoesis subsides after birth and the __________ _______ remains the primary blood-forming organ.
Hematopoeisis occurs in ____________ in the bone marrow of flat bones only.
Hematopoesis occurs in ____________ in the bone marrow (flat and long bones), the thymus and lymph nodes?
Hematopoesis occurs in __________ in the liver, bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes?
What makes up plasma?
What percent of plasma is water?
What cells are contained in blood?
What two things make up the composition of blood?
What disease? Marked underdevelopment, chronic anemia, jaundice, multiple organ infarcts, severe bone, spleen pain, intellectual impariment, recurrent infection, heart failure
The onset of symptoms for SC anemia first appear at what age?
In Sickle cell anemia, RBC's are _________ sickled if they are deoxygenated, and they are _________ sickled if HbS polymerizes.
this disease characterized by abnormal Hemoglobin (HbS) that polymerizes at LOW O2 tension; induced by: fever, acidosis, dehydration, hypoxia.
Sickle cell anemia is most common among what population?
What type of anemia: inherited, point mutation, Hb beta chain, N6 point mutation, result=abnormal hemoglobin
Spherocytosis is what class of abnormal hematopoiesis?
Sickle cell anemia and thallassemia are what class of abnormal hematopoiesis?
T or F: Folic acid sups can be taken orally.
spina bifida, anencephaly are associated w/ what?
What symptom does vit b12 def have that folic acid def. Doesn't?
the medications dilantin, methotrexate, and 5-FU (yes that's F. U.) are causes of what?
What tx modifications should you take when treating a pt. W/ vit b12 deficiency?
What is the a common finding in both folic acid def. And vit b12 def.?
What is the second cause of Vit B12 deficiency?
What disease: spinal cord neuropathy associated, also could be associated with autoimmunity to parietal cells
T or f: vit b12 deficiency can be corrected with oral supplementation of vit b12
The most common cause of B12 deficiency anemia
Lack of intrinsic factor causes what?
What does Vit. B12 bind to?
Symptoms of this include: immature megaloblasts released into circulation; decreased RBC formation, Macrocytic anemia, hypersegmentation of neutrophils.
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