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Question Answer
Name the three ligaments that contribute to atlanto-occipital stability
In what motion does the Atlas move?
Where does it articulate?
What is this joint called
Describe characteristics of C1
Describe characteristics of C2
How many cervical spinal nerves are there?
What vertebra has the longest spinous process?
Name the number of cervical spinal bones.
Which are atypical?
What is unique to this region?
Where is hyoid bone located?
Name three components of bone
How does C2 attach with C1?
What motion does C2 create?
Name the three types of Scalenes
Where do they insert and attach?
Where is phrenic nerve located compared to scalenes?
Where is the Trapezius' attachments?
Where are the Trapezius' insertions?
What nerve innervates the Trap.
Where is the attachment of the Sternocleidomastoid muscle?
Where is the SCM insertion?
What nerve innervates this area?
Describe the four nerves of the cervical plexus and where they originate
What does the Superficial fascia layer consist of?
What are the three Deep Cervical fascia and their components
Name the 4 suprahyoid muscles
What innervates each?
What does thyrohyoid do
What is this group of muscles called?
Name two muscles innervated by C1-C3 region of ansa cervicalis
What supplies innervation to sternothyroid?
What nerve innervates Thyrohyoid?
What are the borders of the mandibular triangle?
What are the 5 contents?
What are the boundaries of the carotid triangle?
Name the 8 contents of the carotid triangle?
What are the boundaries of the Ant. triangle?
What are the boundries of the paired muscular triangle?
What are the components of the muscular triangle
What are the boundaries of the Posterior Triangle?
Name components of Post. Triangle
What is the looped formed from C1, C2 and C3
What is the function of this loop?
What provides motorized innervation to the tongue
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