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Test paper for dental students - Neuro test

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Hematocrap pathology
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Dental terminology
Anatomy 1
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Dental terms
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Dental terminology 2
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Question Answer
What is the principle integrating center in the CNS?
What are the autonomic centers in the brain?
Where do the medulla and spinal cord receive sensory inflow from?
How do CNS centers respond to activation of visceral afferents?
What is an example of the CNS response?
What can modify the activity of the ANS? Example?
What is not part of the ANS?
What is collectively known as the ANS?
Where are somatic division motor cell bodies located?
Where are autonomic division motor cell bodies?
A typical autonomic reflex chain contains how many synaptic junctions between the CNS and the effector organ?
Where is the 1 synapse located?
Where can inhibition in the autonomic system occur?
What type of inhibition is unique to the ANS?
What are the two divisions of ANS outflow?
In the SNS, where do preganglionic neurons originate from?
Sympathetic ganglia are not embedded in?
What is the SNS activated by? .
How does the SNS discharge?
What does SNS activation cause?
SNS activation also causes the release of what?
What does the mixture of E:NE do?
Where do parasympathetic ganglions originate from?
Where are ganglia in the ParaNS?
What is the characeteristics of the postganglionic neuron?
What is the purpose of the ParaNS?
How does the PNS discharge?
What are cholinergic neurons?
What are the typical cholinergic neurons?
ACh is destoryed by what?
What are nerves called that release NE and E?
What are the typical adrenergic neurons?
What are sympathetic postgang. neurons similar to?
What does the adrenal medulla secrete more of?
What are nerves termed that release dopamine?
What are some typical dopaminergic neurons in the ANS?
Nerves that release peptides are called?
What are the two cholinergic receptors?
What kind of receptor is the muscarinic?
What kind os receptor is the nicotinic?
Where is the muscarinic receptor located?
Where is the nicotinic receptor located?
What are the variations of adrenergic receptors?
Are the alpha and beta receptors direct or indirect?
Where are alpha and beta adrenergic receptors located?
Peptide receptors are direct or indirect?
Dopamine receptors are direct or indirect?
Regulation of blood pressure by altering blood vessel diameter is under what control?
There is a steady tonic SymNS firing to arterioles in all systemic organs which causes what?
What does the baseline vasoconstriction do?
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