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fungiform a small, sark red papilla on the middle and anterior dorsal sides of the tongue
orbicularis orbis circular muscle that surrounds the mouth
parotid gland largest salivary gland
lacrimal branch of trigeminal nerve provides sensation for the tear gland
frontal sinus located in the forehead above the eyes
3 ossicles of middle ear malleus, incus, and stapes
nasopalatine branch of trigeminal nerve regulates the sensations to the nose and palate
nasociliary branch of trigeminal nerve sensation to nose, eye, and eyebrow
deglutition action of swallowing
mentalis muscle facial muscle that moves chin tiddue and raises or lowers the lower lip
commissure corner of the mouth where the lips meet
paranasal sinuses 4 pairs of cranial sinuses (ethmoid, sphenoid, frontal, and maxillary)
branches of trigeminal nerve ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular
foramen opening or passage through a bone that is used for nerve or vessel passage
sigmoid notch S-shaped curvature between the condyle and coronoid processes of the mandible
vestibule open gum area between the teeth and the cheek
buccinator principle cheek muscle that helps to compress the cheek and aids in chewing
phagocytes white blood cells that ingest and destroy antigens
coronal skull suture located at the junction of the frontal and parietal bone
sublingual smallest salivary gland located on floor of the mouth
zygomatic bone facial bone, cheek area
incisive papilla tissue growth in anterior region behind maxillary centrals
philtrum median groove on the external surface of upper lip
antibody protein material that aids in destruction of an antigen
suture union or joint area of two bones
glossa tongue
rugae irregular folds or bumps on surface of palate
serum watery, glandular secretion
symphysis center of chin, forms the chin protuberance
ramus ascending part of the mandible
process outgrowth of bone, projection
ganglion mass or grouping of nerves
parotid largest salivary gland
sinus air pocket or cavity in a bone
palate roof of the mouth
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