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Test paper for dental students - Virology test (2005) Part 3

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Question Answer
What is the first symptom of SARS?
How are coronaviruses (SARS) spread?
What is SARS-CoV?
T or F: SARS virus is localized to upper respiratory tract
What virus is associated with SARS?
What virus? Helical, single strand positive RNA, enveloped
What can you use to treat HCV?
T or F: There is no vaccine for HCV.
T or F: HCV can be managed by antivirals.
What 3 types of disease can HCV cause?
T or F: HCV can be asymptomatic
How is HCV transmitted?
There are how many people infected w/ HCV in the US?
What is the #1 cause of liver transplantations in the US?
What virus? Icosahedral capsid, enveloped, positive single-stranded RNA, Acquire envelope by budding into intracellular vesicles, not at the cell surface
What oral manifestations can HPV have?
Which serotypes of cervical cancer are caused by HPV?
T or F: HPV can be treated with antivirals
What is the incubation period for HPV?
What could happen if you just so happen to ACCIDENTALLY aspirate cervico-vaginal secretions infected with HPV?
How is HPV transmitted?
T or F: Genital warts and non-genital warts are the same type of HPV
What virus? Non-enveloped icosahedral capsid, Double stranded circular DNA, Replicates in the nucleus
Name the antiviral: Guanosine analog, takes advantage of thymidine kinase (TK) and DNA polymerase to inhibit viral replication
T or F: Only select few of the stages of viral replication could be a target for antiviral therapy.
T or F: Herpes has a seasonal incidence
What is required for resolution of herpes?
How does herpes avoid antibodies?
What causes herpes to reactivate?
How is herpes transmitted?
What is the common name of the beta subfamily of herpes?
What are the 2 common names of the gamma subfamily herpes?
What are the 3 common names of the alpha subfamily herpes?
Where does Herpes double-stranded DNA replicate?
In herpes, What does the last cycle of mRNA transcript encode for?
Herpes uses the host cell DNA-dependent RNA polymerase to synthesize ________.
Which herpes is specific for either B or T Lymphocytes?
Which herpes readily establishes carrier cultures?
Which has a longer reproductive cycle? Alpha or beta herpes?
Where does the gammaherpes establish latency?
Where does the betaherpes establish latency?
Where does the alphaherpes establish latency?
List the herpesvirinae groups in order of most variable host range to most limited host range.
Name the 3 subfamilies of Herpesviradae:
What virus? Large, Enveloped icosahedral capsid, Double-stranded linear DNA, Replicates in the nucleus.
Retroviruses and all major groups of DNA viruses EXCEPT ____________ are associated with the pattern of pathogenesis ____________.
Which pattern of viral pathogenesis? The abnormal growth of cells resulting from the continuous expression of one or more viral genes; cancer.
Which pattern of viral pathogenesis? Only one involving prions (no known viruses cause this type of infection).
Which pattern of viral pathogenesis? Follows acute infection, infected cell survives resulting in low level persistent viral production.
T or F: Latent infection viruses (Ie HSV) can cause a productive infection in some cells while simultaneously are latent in other cells
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