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Test paper for dental students - Virology test (2005) Part 2

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Question Answer
How do infants take ribavarin to treat RSV?
What is used to prevent RSV in high risk patients?
What is used to treat RSV?
How is RSV transmitted?
RSV causes _________ respiratory tract disease, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.
Most cases of RSV occur in __________.
What virus? Single-stranded negative RNA, Helical Symmetry, Enveloped
When does the maculopapular rash in measles appear?
Symptoms of what disease? High fever, cough, conjunctivitis, coryza (runny nose), photophobia, maculopapular rash
What are the oral lesions that are associated with measles called?
T or F: Measles is totally eradicated.
What is the incubation period for measles?
How is measles spread?
Measles are especially contagious in the ________ period _______ the rash.
Measles occur primarily in _________.
What on the measles virus causes cell fusion and giant cell formation, allowing the virus to pass from cell to cell and escape antibodies?
What virus? Single-stranded negative RNA, Helical Symmetry, Enveloped
T or F: HIV drugs can be combined to increase effectiveness.
What is any drug that ends in "VIR"? (ie Saquinavir, Amprenavir, etc.)
What do protease inhibitors do?
Which stages of the replication cycle, early or late, do protease inhibitors inhibit?
What are the Non-nucleoside RT inhibitors?
What is any drug that ends in "INE"? (ie Zacitabine, didanosine, Zidovadine, etc.)
How has resistance developed in AZT?
What is the difference in the way AZT uses enzymes as compared to Acyclovir?
AZT has ____ fold affinity for RT than cellular DNA.
What is AZT (zidovadine, ZDV, Retrovir)?
What does the drug Enfuvirtide do?
What is the purpose of protease (in regards to HIV)
What enzymes are targets for HIV chemotherapy?
How is HIV released after final assembly has taken place?
T or F: HIV is good at manipulating hosts proteins.
What are the 6 key steps to HIV replication?
What two critical things must HIV have packaged together?
What is Reverse Transcriptase (RT)?
T or F: Host cells lack reverse transcriptase (RT…cold in here? Sorry chase)
T or F: HIV has one positive strand of RNA and one Negative strand of RNA.
What is syncytia?
Is HIV infection a Lytic infection or persistent?
The viral tropism for HIV is for _____________________.
T or F: HIV infection only can occur if the virus is transferred via a transport (ie. already within another cell, macrophage, lymphocyte, etc.). .
How is HIV transmitted? (think magic johnson and Paul)
What is the terminal stage of an HIV infection?
What effect does the initial immune response have on HIV infection?
What primary infection results in mononucleosis-like syndrome?
Regarding HIV infection, what is the purpose of the GENOMIC RNA?
What Virus? Positive single-stranded RNA (diploid), Icosahedral capsid, Enveloped, Reverse Transcriptase (RT): RNA-dependent DNA polymerase
T or F: There are antivirals that effectively treat SARS.
T or F: Most SARS patients normally develop pneumonia.
As a symptom of SARS, about 10-20% of people also have ________.
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