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Terminology Description
-ize take away, remove
-ium small, little
-ism state of, condition
-itis inflammation
-ion state, condition
-ile pertaining to
-id condition
-ical pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ia pertaining to
-genic originated
-ferous producing
-ectopy displacement
-desis surgical fixation
-cente puncture
-ar pertaining to
-al pertaining to, relating to
-ac pertaining to, relating to
xanth- yellow
ventro- body front
vaso- vessel
un- not
ultra- excess, beyond
trans- across, through
syn- together, union
sym- with, together
super- over, above
sub- under, less
semi- half, partial
re- back, again
pro- forward
pre- before, in front of
poly- many
per- through
pan- all
os- bone, mouth
ob- against
myxa- mucus, slime
multi- many
mono- one, single
mid- middle
mega- large, grand
med- middle
macro- large
leuco- white
inter- between, among
infra- beneath, under, below
faci- face
exo- out
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