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Terminology Description
gastr/o stomach
gangli/o nerve plexus, interwoven nerves
freno connecting band
foss/o shallow depression
foramin/o opening
flu/o flow
fiss/o crack
fasci/o fibrous, band
excis/o cutting out
esthesi/o feeling
esophag/o esophagus
enter/o intestine
encephal/o brain
emet/o vomit
electr/o electric
edentul/o toothless
edemat/o swelling
duoden/o duodenum
duct/o lead, carry
dipl/o double
dextr/o right
derm/o skin
decidu falling off, shed
dactyl/o fingers, toes
dacry/o tear duct
cyt/o cell
cyst/o fluid-filled sac, bag, bladder
cutane/o skin
crani/o skull
cost/o rib
coron/o crown
coll/i neck
col/o colon, large intestine
cocc/i, cocc/o round, spherical bacteria
chondr/o cartilage
cholecyst gallbladder
chol/e gall, bile
cheil/o lip
cervic/o neck
cerebr/o cerebrum
cephal/o head
cement/o cementum
caud/o tail
cardi/o heart
carcin/o cancer
bucc/o cheek
brux/o gland, chew
bronch/o bronchial tubes
brachi/o arm
blepharo eyelid
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