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Terminology Description Notes
micro- small microscope, instrument used to see small objects
mal- bad malnutrition, bad nutrition
hypo- low, deficient, less than hypothermia, low body temperature
hyper- above, excessive, more than hypertension, high blood pressure
hydra- water hydrocephalus, water on the brain
hemi- half hemisphere, half of a sphere or globe
hem- blood hematology, study of the blood
gyne- woman gynecology, study of women
extra- beyond, outside extraorbital, outside the orbit of the eye
fore- in front of, before forehead, in front of the head
edem- swelling edematous, pertaining to swelling
dys- pain, difficulty dysuria, painful urination
dipl/o- double diplopia, double vision
derma- skin dermatitis, inflammation of the skin
primi- first primigravida, pregnant for first time
-emia blood condition leukemia
-emesis vomiting hematemesis
-ectomy surgical removal of appendectomy
-ectasis dilation bronchiectasis
-dynia pain orthodynia, tooth pain
-dema swelling papillodema
-cyte cell lymphocyte
-crine secrete endocrine, exocrine
-coccus round, spherical bacteria pneumococcus
-cise cut incise, excise
-cide kill homocide, fungicide
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid amniocentesis, thoracentesis
-ase enzyme lipase, alkaline phosphatase
-algesia suffering, pain analgesia, absence of pain
uni- one unilateral, one side
tri- three triplets
tachy- fast, rapid tachypnea, fast breathing
retro- after, behind, back of retrofit, add to afterwards
pseudo- false pseudopregnancy, false pregnancy
-parous giving birth, bearing multiparous, giving birth multiple times
-otomy cutting into laparotomy, cutting into the abdomen
-ostomy create a surgical opening colostomy, surgical opening in the colon
-orrhaphy suture herniorrhaphy, repair of a hernia
-oid resembling spheroid
-megaly large, enlargement cardiomegaly, an enlarged heart
-graphy recording a picture or record arteriography
-graph picture, record photograph, angiograph
-gram picture, record cardiogram
-cele swelling, hernia cystocele
-fuge driving away, pushing centrifuge
-form shape, resembling spongiform
-esthesia sensation anesthesia, paresthesia
-phobia fear arachnophobia, fear of spiders
-penia few osteopenia, low number of bone cells
genit/o birth, reproductive organs
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