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Dental Terminology word elements - 3

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Dental terms
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Dental terminology 2
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Terminology Description Notes
lith/o stone, calculus
lip/o fat
later/o side
laryng/o larynx, voice box
lapar/o abdomen
lact/o milk
lacrim/o tears, lacrimal duct
labi/o lips
kerat/o cornea, hard, horny
jugul/o throat
-algia pertaining to pain odontalgia, tooth pain
iri/o iris, colored part of eye
infer/o under, below
incis/o cutting into
immun/o immune, protected
hyster/o uterus
hydr/o water
hom/o same
hist/o tissue
hered/o, heredit/o inherited
hepat/o liver
hemo, hemat/o blood
hal/o, halit/o breath
gynec/o woman, female
gluc/o sugar
glott/i, glott/o back of tongue
gloss/o tongue
glen/o socket, pit
geront/o old age
faci/o facial facial surfaces of tooth, side of tooth that is facing away from the tongue side
odont/o tooth periodontal, pertaining to the structures around the teeth
mesi/o middle mesial, toward the middle or front of the mouth
supra- above, excessive supragingival, above the margins of the gums
gingiv/o gum gingivitis, inflammation of the gums
xer/o dryness xerostomia, dry mouth
-rrhea flow, discharge diarrhea
intra- within, inside intraoral, within the mouth
lingu/o tongue lingual surface, surface closest to the tongue
dent- tooth, teeth dentures, man-made teeth
dent/i, dent/o tooth dentition, teeth in the dental arches
gene- origin, start cariogenic, food or other edibles that cause tooth decay
cari/o decay, rot dental caries, tooth decay
ortho- straight orthodontist, a dentist who straightens the teeth
melan/o black melanoma, a malignant tumor with dark pigment
erythr/o red erythrocyte, red blood cell
in- not, into inhale, breathe in
post- behind, after postnasal, behind the nose
a- without, away from acellular, having no cells; amenorrhea, absence of menstrual flow
para- beside, abnormal parathyroid gland is beside the thyroid gland
non- no, not nontoxic, not poisonous