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Terminology Description Notes
py/o pus pyogenic, producing pus
spondyl/o spine
splen/o spleen
somat/o body
sinistr/o left
sept/o poison, infection
semin/i seed
scler/o twisted
salping/o oviduct or fallopian tube, tube
rhin/o nose
ren/o kidney
rect/o rectum
quadr/o four
pyel/o kidney
pulm/o lung
psych/o mind, soul
proct/o rectum
pod/o foot
pneum/o lung, air
phleb/o vein
phob/o fear, dread
phas/o speech
pharyng/o pharynx, throat
phag/o swallow
ped/o child, foot
part/o birth, labor
palat/o palate, roof of mouth
ovi/o egg
ovario ovary
ot/o ear
oste/o bone
orchis/o testes
ophthalm/o eye
onc/o tumor
oophor/o ovary
ocul/o eye
occlud/o shut, close up
neur/o nerve
nephr/o kidney
necr/o death
nar/i nose, nostrils
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
my/o muscle
muscul/o muscle
muc/o, mucos/o mucus
men/o monthly, month, menstruation menopause
leuk/o white leukocyte, white blood cell
maxill/o maxilla, upper jaw bone
mastic/o, masticat/o chew
mamm/o breast
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