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Test paper for dental students - Anatomy Part 3

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Question Answer
The axon of the first motor neuron extends from the _____ and synapses in a _______ with the second motor neuron; the second motor neuron synapses with an _______.
Autonomic motor pathways consist of how many motor neurons in a series?
Sensory input for the ANS comes from:
Type of sensory receptors that consist of simple structures and neural pathways that are associated with general senses (touch, pressure, heat, cold, and pain)
Sensory receptors that detect taste in mouth; smell in nose; and chemicals such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and glucose in body fluids
Sensory receptors that detect pain, usually as a result of physical or chemical damage to tissue.
Sensory receptor that detects pressure or stretching; stimuli are related to touch, pressure, proprioception, hearing, equilibrium, and blood pressure
Sensory Receptor that is located in muscles, tendons, joints, and the internal ear; provide information about body position and movement; transmit information related to muscle tension, position and tension of joints, and equilibrium
Sensory Receptor that is located in blood vessels and viscera; provides information about internal environment; transmits sensations such as pain, pressure, fatigue, hunger, thirst, and nausea from within the body
Sensory receptor that is located at or near surface of body; provides information about external environment; transmits sensations of hearing, sight, taste, touch, pressure, temperature, and pain.
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