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Test paper for dental students - Anatomy Part 2

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Question Answer
Which cranial nerve serves the Submandibular ganglion
White rami communicantes contain _________ preganglionic fibers and gray rami communicantes contain ________ postganglionic fibers
Craniosacral refers to
which is the largest ganglion
Which cranial nerve does not pass through a terminal ganglion and synapses with the most effectors
which cranial nerve serves the otic ganglion
Which cranial nerve serves the pterygopalatine ganglion
Which cranial nerve serves the Ciliary ganglion
Name the Terminal ganglia that serve the parasympathetic division
The ganglion that serve the parasympathetic division are called
Name the organ and gland that are only innervated by sympathetic postganglia
Prevertebral ganglia include;
Sympathetic trunk ganglia are also known as
Cholinergic fibers are ________ __________ _______.
Adrenergic fibers are ________ _________ ________.
Has some preganglionic fiber synapsing in sympathetic trunk ganglia
short preganlionic fibers and long postganglionic fibers applies to the ______
The effects of the ________ stimulation are longer lasting and more widespread than the effects of parasympathetic stimulation
Regulates activities that conserve and restore body energy
Favors body functions that can support vigorous physical activity and rapid production of ATP (Fight or Flight response)
celiac and superior mesenteric ganglia are sites of postganglionic neuron cell bodies
contains fibers that supply viscera with motor impulses
has fibers in white rami (connecting spinal nerve with sympathetic trunk ganglia)
Has some fibers running in gray rami to supply sweat glands, hair follicle muscles and blood vessels
Has more widespread and longer lasting effect in the body
sends some preganglionic fibers through cranial nerves
The thoracolumbar applies to the ______
Plexus containing the superior mesenteric ganglion; supplies the small and large intestine.
Plexus at the base of the heart; surrounds the large blood vessels emerging from the heart.
Plexus containing the inferior mesenteric ganglion; supplies the large intestine.
Plexus located anterior to the fifth lumbar vertebra; supplies pelvic viscera
The largest autonomic plexus; consist of 2 large ganglia and a network of fibers that surround the celiac and superior mesenteric arteries
A plexus located mostly posterior to each lung are ______
T or F?
In an autonomic reflex arc, the preganglionic neuron conducts motor impulses from the central nervous system to an autonomic ganglion, and a postganglionic neuron conducts motor impulses from the ganglion to an effector
T or F?
An event occurring during the fight-or-flight response is increased urine production due to blood being shunted to the kidneys
T or F?
Parasympathetic preganglionic neurons originate in the nuclei of the oculomotor (III), facial (VII), glossopharyngeal (IX), or Vagus (X) nerves, or in lateral gray horns of the sacral region of the spinal cord.
T or F?
The ganglia that make up the sympathetic trunks are also called prevertebral or collateral ganglia
T or F?
A major difference between autonomic ganglia and posterior root ganglia is that only autonomic ganglia contain synapses.
Th pterygopalatine, otic, and submandibular ganglia are part of the ___________ division of the ANS.
The two types of cholinergic receptors are ________ and _______.
The two types of adrenergic receptors are ______and _____ receptors.
Adrenergic neurons release neurotransmitters ______ and ______.
The output component of the ANS consists of _______ neurons.
The input component of the ANS consists of ______ neurons.
Organs such as the heart or stomach that receive impulses from both divisions of the ANS are said to have _____ innervation.
Most body organs receive dual innervation; one ANS division causes _______ and the other causes ________.
The cell bodies of sympathetic preganglionic neurons are in the ______ ______ ______ of the 12 thoracic and the first two or three lumbar segments of the spinal cord.
Myelinated or Unmyelinated that is the question!

PREganglionic neurons?

POSTganglionic neurons?
The ANS effectors include ______ ______, ________ ________, and ______.
The output (motor) portion of the ANS has two divisions; What are they?
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