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Test paper for dental students - Anatomy Part 1

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Question Answer
Visceral reflex arc
somatic efferent vs. ANS
1st neuron of ANS
2nd neuron of ANS
ANS division
location of sympathetic ganglia
Symp. trunk ganglia - note: to sacrum not just t1-L2
sym. trunk extension - ganglia - heart
main inegration of ANS func
higher affects on hypothalamus
Symp. funcs. reaction, note that parasym. funcs have the exact opposite reaction.
Erection, ejaculation are Para. or Sym?
mand 1st and max 1st primary molars resemble
mand first primary molar has
mand first primary molar has most unique
max first primary molar most resembles
primary mand 2nd molar
primary mand 1st molar,
primary max 2nd molar
primary max 1st molar
primary max and mand 1st molars resemble
primary max and mand 2nd molars resemble
mand second and max second primary molars resemble
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CBCT saved me
ECIR recall
Shaping canals safely
Endodontic insights
Root resorption
One year followup
NobelActive implant
13 months recall
Lateral canal retreat
Retreatment case 3
Calcified molar
Usage of instruments
Molar implant
Immediate implant
MTA retreatment
Access opening restoration
Trauma case
Furca case
Implant case
Central incisor hurts
Healed furca case
Transient apical breakdown
MTA retreatment
NobelActive implant
Tooth #16
Instrument removal
Cervical abfractions
Lost lower jaw
Apical surgery
Incisive foramen
Implant case 6
Instrument removal
Trauma case
Obturating canal
PA lesion extension
Upper molar
5 year recall
Retreatment tooth #16
Anterior zone