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Test paper for dental students - Nitrous Oxide Part 3

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Question Answer
What type of pressure is the reservoir bag?
What complicatons can occur with the external nose?
What is choanal arresia?
Explain Plane 1- Modern Sedation/Analgesia?
What can occur with the internal nose?
What is the most commonly used apparatus in the dental office?
What will a cuff smaller than indicate produce?
What is an O 2 flush?
What does the conduction system provide?
What is pre-treatment phase?
What % is Nitrous Oxide stored as a gas?
As oxygen is used from the cylinder, the pressure will drop and therefore?
What occurs when gas is used?
What are the parts of the conductive system?
The gas is compressed under pressure between? .
What will a cuff larger than indicated produce?
Define Conscious?
When N2O is administered w/out scavenging of the nasal hood, levels of nitrous oxide may reach?
What is minimum Oxygen flow?
Conscious sedation does not include?
What is a psychological affect?
Explain nasopharynx?
What are the symptoms to be aware of that could indicate oversedation? .
What is the treatment for a patient who has fear, hyperventilation, and excessive movement?
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