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Test paper for dental students - Nitrous Oxide Part 2

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Nitrous Oxide
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Question Answer
Post-Treatment Phase has the potential for?
What has a strong correlation to diffusion hypoxia?
What is local anesthesia?
What are the basic pharmacology facts?
Oxygen is stored in the cylinder as a ?
What is Anesthesia?
What is the purpose of the reservoir bag?
What will laryngospasm prevent?
What is the Central Storage System?
What is a laryngospasm?
What is the function of the epiglottis?
What does general anesthesia?
What type of condition is diffusion hypoxia?
Oxygen and nitrous are not flammable but will support?
Explain the pressure-volume effect?
What do you do if hyperventilation continues?
Where is the Larynx located?
In a stable patient how often should you check vital signs and record them?
Most dental analgesia is obtained between what percent of nitrous oxide?
What happens when you palpate a pulse?
The concentration of oxygen should never go below what %?
What would you do in an emergency?
Explain the maintenance phase?
Oxygen delivery equipment are?
What can affect the sedation procedure for children?
What are physiologic vital sign?
If the patient has slurred or incoherent speech they are considered?
What is the BEST management for a adverse reaction?
How is air mixing utilized?
Some people exhibit HYPEREXCITABLE due to?
Explain the oxygen fail safe?
What is Analgesia?
Oropharyngeal obstruction may occur?
What is the difference between the hood and the full mask?
During the maintenance phase of nitrous oxide sedation the patient must?
What are the positive factors of nitrous?
Name three minor complications?
What do some patients exhibitunder N2O sedation?
Increased temperature is usally the result of?
If your diastolic pressure is >115 mm Hg you would have?
How do you classify hypertensive?
What size of cuff would you use on a 1-4 yesr old?
A baseline temperature of 101 degrees or greater should be?
Name a objective symptoms (signs) that may be associated with the inhalation sedation procedure?
What should you do if a patient develops an irregular rhythm during pre-treatment phase?
When does Post-Treatment Phase begin?
What is the mechanism called used to shut of the machine if there is no oxygen?
What are normal finding during nitrous?
What is a possibility of a bounding pulse?
What is the purpose of the mouth (TONGUE) ?
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