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Surgery : extraction and implants
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From: John A. Khademi, DDS MS
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:32 PM
Subject: Re: [roots] Surgery on a Hell's Angel

What is best for the patient depends on the patient...and the RD as well
If they ask what I would do on my mom and then they choose that...well...
that may be what they deem best for them...then may not be...

Here is a patient from last week.  I can fix every one of these teeth...
and on the right patient, I might. However, this patient has Sjorgren's
and is generally unhealthy to boot.

So if I "never mind the shape of the patient on the other end of the
tooth" do you still think this is the right choice?
I recommended extractions and implants - John A Khademy

John, No disrespect intended, as I said, just stirring the pot, for fun. I've followed and admired your posts for many years and learned much. My comments on this aspect of the thread are: I've on occasion been caught short by making assumptions about what patients want or can afford, on the basis of the way they present.(The Howard Hughes Syndrome). I'm still trying to tease out what the difference might be between what would be best for my Mom and what would be best for them (if we're prepared to stipulate that my Mom isn't a BFHA (Big Fat Hell's Angel) - surely what is best in any given set of circumstances is best - Simon, OZ John, Just re-reading the thread - I really can't agree that what is best for the patient depends on the RD - to be honest many (if not most) of my RDs don't really get it and I find myself 'saving' the patient from them. I've given up trying to protect RDs ... (it wouldn't wash in court anyway) ... and that kind of relativism is fundamentally dishonest - Simon John, base on the patients medical condition I agree with your recommendations. Look at the forest, not just the tree .Great job - Jose

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