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 6 year old Empress 2 bridge on teeth 5-7
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From:Gregori M. Kurtzman
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 5:21 AM
Subject: [roots] 6 year old Empress 2 bridge

6 year old Empress 2 bridge on teeth 5-7 (patient was missing lateral 
and cuspid  was in lateral position) abutments had no mobility when 
originally placed the bridge  and I think that's why the bridge has 
remained stable and no breakdown for 6 years. Unlike PFM bridges IMHO 
any mobility in the abutments will translate to microflexure and 
failure of the ceramic structure - Gregori M. Kurtzman

Sure looks like an cosmetic failure of # 5.. I wonder what happened?  
-  Mac

It broke! Ain't I SMARTTTTTTTT! ?    Alan

you mean because its shorter then #4?  that's what the occlusion 
permitted and the patient wouldn't allow reduction of tooth 28.  
Not perfect but the patient has been happy with the results 
- Gregori M. Kurtzman

Looks like the buccle cusp broke off, but that can happen to any 
restoration. My oldest is on perio involved teeth 8 to 10 and is 
also a bit over 6 years old. She doesn't 'attend my practice' any 
more but I see her and it is still doing better than the rest of 
her mouth -  Alan Cady

I would not let the patient choose that. I ain't SMRTT after all. 
:-( - Alan
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