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Efficient filing system

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Breakage is result of bad technique with any file . Fred wrote: "The Sequence are good files...but my postdocs gave up on them due to unexpected breakage. They use some Protaper and K3's." So be careful he meant Sequence not RaCe. They are not the same. Your experience is with RaCe right? My guess is that Fred's postdocs used the sequence files in the "sequence (pun intended) " recommended by east coast "rapid courses" advocates/promoters. Crown down and without alternating tapers. If you use the Sequence files in a VTVT in a way similar to the way Fred advocates doing with the K'3's you reduce the separation rate to almost zero. Having said that.... I prefer "non-experienced endodontists" to use the K3's they are definitely more resistant than the Sequence because they engage less. But..in the wrong heavy hands they can separate also and they are harder to retrieve or bypass Protapers by the contrary are being promoted/advocated by very very good endodontists, almost as good as Mounce or Barnett ;-) So they advoate the right way to use'em but they certainly can separate when abused and used wrongly because their tips can engage more in fins. I am a great fan of the AET way (stainless steel files) in a reciprocating handpiece because if used right are less fraught with problems, however the shapes somewhat are less esthetic than the shapes you can obtain with NiTi's. No NiTi is perfect not even Jim Roanes or Chck Goodis'es which are also very good. But esthetics in the X-ray is more obtainable with NiTI's. Ben.