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  Duralay post technique

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Rob Kaufmann

From: Rob Kaufmann
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 11:02 PM
Subject: Re: [roots] Duralay post technique

On Jan 21, 2008 10:28 AM, Stephen Ball wrote:

I seem to remember a remarkable post by Dr John Khademi about his clinical  
technique in constructing a post and core pattern using Duralay which is 
then sent to the lab for casting. Do any of you have this in a saved folder 
that you could possible share with me?  - Stephen

Dr Clark

I was wondering if you could outline the technique you use for making
your cast posts with a direct pick up impression with duralay or equivalent?

With the increased amount of retreatment and post removal possible
there are some pretty unusual shapes being left,  and I think this
technique lends itself rather well to picking up an accurate
reprosentation of the anatomy.  - Bill

Here's John K's post

1) Make sure it draws.  Use your ultrasonic to remove problems areas.
2) trim and fit a burnout post.  Use a bigger post and trim it to fit 
3) grease up the prep and the adjacent teeth/rubber dam/clamp with Vaseline
4) make a very runny mix of duralay.  it should be so runny that you can 
   draw it up into a 3cc syringe with a 22ga ultradent tip.
5) fill up the prep and place the post
6) dribble very slowly to build up the core portion.  Try to get enough 
   mass so that the post does not pull out
7) don't try to get the core portion perfect.  Just build up some mass
8) once it begins to set, make sure you can withdraw it.  don't take it 
   out all the way, just get it to release and kinda pump it.
9) once it is set enough that it doesn't distort when you withdraw it, 
   take it out and throw it in hot water to finish the set.
10) put it back in the tooth and build it up to contour with wax (me) 
   or duralay

This is all done in the scope, especially 6,8,9,10.

David can add his two bits. - Rob Kaufmann

hi to all thought maybe I can add my 2 cents for some clinical tips. 
I was trained at wits dental school South Africa and now living and
practicing in Israel

I use this duralay technique daily. Its quick clean easy and very accurate.
1)firstly prep canal I use Parapost intra canal burrs
2)check for no undercuts
3)prep tooth for final crown
4)add vaseline  onto final bur and lubricate canal
5)roughen a plastic post and with very liquid consistency of duralay fill 
  can only .  Keep taking post out of canal dipp   into liquid mix and 
  replace into can . allow to set and check can be removed with ease.
6)Add additional duralay thicker consistency and build up post
7)Use surgical highspeed tungsten carbide  burr to shape and finish
send off to lab  - David Cohen

I'm nobody to criticize, but why not use fiber post and trim it according 
to the canal shape and use in conjunction with adhesive technique?

For me it makes more sense, but i may miss something... - Dmitri Ruzanov
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