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MB 2 presentation : deep in a canal - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are -
From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 4:49 AM
Subject: [roots] Photos of deep splitting mb2

I don't see this type mb2 presentation that often, so I was happy to have 
one today so I could test my ability to photograph this deep in a canal.  
I wish I could get more light but at least you can sort of see the split.

Thanks for the compliment on the other thread Gary.  None of this is 
original technique that I can take credit for.  Go take Scott Bentkover 
and Peter Endo's photo course.  Although most of the attendees are TDOers
I confirmed with Scott that non TDO users are welcome.  Or better yet, 
come to the TDO meeting in a couple weeks (I'm sure you can arrange to 
come as a guest) as Scott and Peter will be giving a lecture on
photography there. Of course, our fellow Rooter Carlos Murgel is an 
expert on this stuff also - Mark Dreyer

Thanks mark. Do you like that rubber dam you are using. I was using it for awhile, particularly in 2nd molar areas, but I found it too flimsy. Loved the lavender color, though - gary Gary, this was a latex allergic patient. That's the special latex free dam material. I like it only because it brings out my feminine, metro-sexual side. Sounds like you found the same benefit. :-)) - Mark Roflmao. That was funny! - gary Isn't the sequence of photos wrong? the first is probably last, right? Which brand of dam is that? - Sanjay Jamdade Hello, It seems to Be flexidam from "Roeko" I use it because it's flexibility and its resistance against chloroforme and eucalyptic Oil. The Latex dam's will Be destroyed immediately if they come in contact with chloroforme. Im Not sure with eucalyptic oil, but I think its the Same. The flexidam too, but it takes longer. - Stefan Sanjay, No the first photo was taken after initial access prior to me opening the canals with gates gliddens. Notice in subsequent photos the canal orifices are larger as a result of the gg work. The dam is latex free. I'm not sure of the brand but if you'd like I can find out on Monday from my staff and get back with you - Mark I mean the first photo where the access is closed - Sanjay Jamdade

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