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Disassembly and retreatment
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The first question of this referring dentist was whether I could do 
surgery on tooth # 37, last abutment of a 5 unit bridge. I discussed 
the other  treatment options with him, namely extraction and placement 
of 2 implants, retreatment or surgery.

I am not so eager to do surgery on those second molars...............
....., and the dentist and the patient didn't want an extraction, so I 
was leaning towards retreatment, but I found it pretty risky to try to 
remove the 5 unit bridge. I decided to cut the bridge distal of
tooth # 35, to remove the posts and retreat.

It appeared to be a C shape canal. 2 visits, Ca(OH)2 placement between visits. I thought it was a good idea to place 3 fiber posts. As you can see there is not much tooth structure left (which was already the case from the start), but after discussing this with the restorative dentist, he thought it would be no problem to use this tooth as an abutment for a new bridge. I will re-evaluate after 6-12 months. If the AP is healing, then the dentist will make a new 5-unit bridge. If not, then he will as yet do an extraction and place 2 implants. Marga Nice looking results on the re treatment and this looks like a perfect tooth for posts to retain the core et al. BUT still might be better to use a single crown and an implant into the edentulous area. How deep did you trough before you were satisfied it was not a navigatable C canal? Did the metal post take a lot to remove? - Alan Cady
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