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dreadful root canal:damn file bender

From: Arturo Garcia
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 1:03 AM
Subject: [roots] I got lucky- thanks to ROOTS ;-)

I was dreading doing root canal on this tooth but it had to be. 
Mainly because the patient waited 2 years before he got
it treated.

I had a very hard time getting patient and staying patient.  
And I thought I had ledged the distal.  I was not concerned
about going long so I decided to squirt and get as much 
"sealer" fill as possible.  I used Resilon with Epiphany and
Obtura B squirt.   I instrumented with hand files, ultrasonics, 
K3 VTVT and some augmentation with the new sequence rotary
files I am trying.  I thought for sure I would ledge or come 
up with a much poorer result.  I was thinking about all of
the things I see and read on ROOTS while doing this.  Little 
did I know that my bent up files (at least the 8's and 10's)
were getting patent- somewhere.

Enclosing some pictures I took with my IOC while working 
with my 2.5 X loupes J.

Fracture stays in.  Gave the patient the limited prognosis speech.  
Check out the Photoshop methylene dye shot. - Arturo

Arturo, That was a tough one for sure! If it was vital it will probably work out ok. A tight radius curvature in the apical 1/3 substantially increases the possibility of an instrument fracture no matter what type of instrument is used. More hand filing and less rotation of the instruments is necessary - Randy Hedrick Loose nut behind the scope did a good job also. Nice, Arturo. I'íve gotten the guts to squirt my last 5 cases, 4 I would show, one had that trabecular fill thing going on. I am definitely not a ready for prime time squirter, but in those kind of canals, itís the only way to go - gary Looks like a case of...The HARDER I work ... the LUCKIER I get - Jeremy Rourke Arturo, I looked at the preop radiograph and first thought .... Oh god......... I looked at the final radiograph......... CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP that was very well done........yikes that looked tough. Nice photos of the crack and cool photoshop. I LIKE IT> how long did it all take 10 or 15 minutes? - Glenn Arturo, damned beautiful. I've finally gotten to the point that I can use handfiles to move around those damn kinks. A bit of filing will round off the curve and give you a better flow. I've ordered a file bender from Sybron Endo, which I hope will make it even easier. That being said, this is a fantastic job on a tough tooth. I'm betting it will work like a charm. Great job. Guy Guy, That's exactly what I needed, the damn file bender. Thanks for reminding me, I will order it. Thanks for the kudos. - Arturo Arturo Be certain to specify the damn file bender or you may get the darn file bender;> ARC Terry

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