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Dental Books

Book Name : Master Dentistry Restorative Dentistry,
Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Vol.2 (IE)
Author : Heasman
List Price : Rs. 1530

Book Name : Paediatric Dentistry: Principles and
Practice MCQs in Pediatric Dentistry (Package deal)
Author : M.S. Muthu
List Price : Rs. 845

Book Name : A Short TB of Preventive and
Community Dentistry
Author : Jayaprakash
List Price : Rs. 1000

Book Name : Pharmacology for Dentistry
Author : Singh, Surender , Associate Professor, Deptt. of Pharmacology,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
List Price : Rs. 295

Book Name : Local Anesthesia in Dentistry
Author : Baart
List Price : Rs. 3250

Book Name : Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Dentistry
ISBN : 9788181471475
Author : Yagiela
List Price : Rs. 1195

Book Name : Esthetics in Dentistry, Vol. 2 With CD
Author : Goldstein
List Price : Rs. 5000

Book Name : Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry
Author : Askary
List Price : Rs. 7500

Book Name : MCQs in Preventive and Community Dentistry
with Previous Years Questions for Competitive Exams
Author : Dasar
List Price : Rs. 2000

Book Name : Paediatric Dentistry
Author : Welbury
List Price : Rs. 1295

Book Name : Sturdevant's Art and Science of
Operative Dentistry
Author : Edward J. Swift, Harold O. Heymann, Theodore Roberson
List Price : Rs. 2145

Book Name : Restorative Dentistry
Author : Walmsley
List Price : Rs. 2995

Book Name : Cottone's Practical Infection Control in Dentistry
Author : Molinari
List Price : Rs. 2500

Book Name : A Consumer's Guide To Dentistry
Author : Christensen
List Price : Rs. 3150

Book Name : MCQs in Community Dentistry
Author : Jayaprakash
List Price : Rs. 500

Book Name : Essential Microbiology for Dentistry
Author : Lakshman Samaranayake
List Price : Rs. 1350

Book Name : Genetics in Dentistry
Author : Pal
List Price : Rs. 2000

Book Name : Textbook of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry
Author : Garg
List Price : Rs. 2000

Book Name : Essential Skills for Dentistry
Author : Mossey
List Price : Rs. 2520

Book Name : Principles and Practice of Implant Dentistry
Author : Weiss
List Price : Rs. 5250

Book Name : Master Dentistry
Author : Paul Coulthard
List Price : Rs. 1312

Book Name : Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach
Author : Koch
List Price : Rs. 9000

Book Name : Bhatia's Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry with
Explanatory Answers- Clinical Sciences
Author : Saini
List Price : Rs. 1000

Book Name : Master Dentistry - Two Volume Package
Author : Paul Coulthard
Edition : 2/e
List Price : Rs. 1875

Book Name : Materials Science for Dentistry
Author : Darvell
List Price : Rs. 4410

Book Name : Special Care in Dentistry:
Handbook of Oral Healthcare
Author : Scully
List Price : Rs. 3060

Book Name : MCQs in Community Dentistry
Author : Saravanan
List Price : Rs. 500

Book Name : Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry (IE)
Author : Cameron
List Price : Rs. 1080

Book Name : Preventive and Community Dentistry
Author : Shivakumar
List Price : Rs. 750

Book Name : Esthetic Color Training in Dentistry With CD
Author : Paravina
List Price : Rs. 3900

Book Name : Pediatric Dentistry
Author : Dennis J. McTigue, Henry W. Fields,
Jimmy R. Pinkham, Paul S. Casamassimo
Edition : 4/e
List Price : Rs. 1525

Book Name : Clinical Photography in Dentistry
Author : Vyas
List Price : Rs. 2500

Book Name : Pickard's Manual of Operative Dentistry
Author : Kidd
List Price : Rs. 995

Book Name : Textbook of Operative Dentistry
Author : Garg
List Price : Rs. 3000

Book Name : Principles of Operative Dentistry
Author : Qualtrough
List Price : Rs. 3000

Book Name : Dentistry, Dental Practice, and the Community
Author : Burt
List Price : Rs. 3050

Book Name : Clinical Problem Solving in Orthodontics
and Paediatric Dentistry (ISE)
Author : Millett
List Price : Rs. 1080

Book Name : Implants in Clinical Dentistry
Author : Palmer
List Price : Rs. 4595

Book Name : Preclinical Manual of Conservative Dentistry
Author : V Gopikrishna
List Price : Rs. 395

Book Name : Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry
Author : Robinson
List Price : Rs. 1980

Book Name : Textbook of Medical Dentistry
Author : Pophale
List Price : Rs. 1250

Book Name : Pharmacology for Dentistry
Author : Singh, Surender
List Price : Rs. 295

Book Name : Mental Health Problems in Dentistry
Author : Bhatia
List Price : Rs. 250

Book Name : Child Management in Clinical Dentistry
Author : Jawdekar
List Price : Rs. 1000

Book Name : Approach to Clinical Dentistry
Author : Bansal
List Price : Rs. 500

Book Name : Esthetic Dentistry &
Ceramic Restorations
Author : Touati
List Price : Rs. 5995

Book Name : Step by Step Anaesthesia in Dentistry
Local and General (with Photo CD-ROM)
Author : Ghosh
List Price : Rs. 1500

Book Name : Viva on Pre-clinical Endodontics
Conservative Dentistry
Author : Kothari
List Price : Rs. 500

Book Name : Restorative Dentistry:
An Integrated Approach
Author : Jacobsen
List Price : Rs. 4000

Book Name : Essentials of Operative Dentistry
Author : Sherwood
List Price : Rs. 3000

Lexi-Comp Releases 15th Edition Of The Drug 
Information Handbook For Dentistry  
Lexi-Comp has released the 15th edition of its top-selling drug 
reference, the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry.
Written by Drs. Wynn, Meiller, and Crossley, the resource 
includes dental-specific content on thousands of drugs, natural
products, and dietary supplements.

Adhesive Restorative Dentistry 
This book is now available. Details below. Adhesive Restorative Dentistry Dr. B. O. Olorunfemi ISBN 978-062-923-8 This is to announce the publication of Adhesive Restorative Dentistry - a texbook of Esthetic Restorative Dentistry by Dr. B. O. Olorunfemi. Dr. Olorunfemi is a graduate of Ibadan, Lagos and Sheffield Universities. He becomes the first Nigerian-trained dentist to publish a dental textbook. The textbook explains in detail the bio-engineering principles behind the modern dental materials and techniques designed to manage the afflicitions of dentin and enamel. The basis of adhesion is discussed and how it is applied to stick the dental material to healthy dental tissues for maximum cosmetic effect. The 240-page tetbook is divided into five sections; Introduction, Adhesive Restorative Materials, Main Indications, Tricks and Tips. It carries an illustration on almoist every page. The Introduction discusses the basic physics of adhesion while the application of the these mechanisms as applied to dental materials are discussed in Section II. Section III reviews the dental ailments such as dental caries, tooth wear, discoloration and missing dentition while the Tricks section dissects the methodologies of managing these ailments. based on the principles of adhesion as earlier discussed. Section V caps it with a review of the economics of this technology, how to choose your equipment and materials. This last section also uses case studies to illustrate practical applications of the technology in the dental clinic. The book discusses the development of the modern vital and non-vital Biomimetic Dental Restoration as an emerging concept. The author aims to equip the dentist with such skills to cope with technically challenging situations in highly-motivated patients. Dr. B. O. Olorunfemi is the Editor-in-Chief of the Education & Health Resources International. This book is now available in various formats apart from the regualar printed book format on CD-ROM and online for downloading, it can also be emailed to you. Introductory Rate CDs - USD 30 or =N=4,500 Downloading online - USD 50 or =N=6,500 Email copy: USD 20 or =N=3,000 Book Copy USD 100 or =N=13,000 Please include shipping & packaging for physical copies. Please contact Adtools Publications,; Fax: +1-317 663 2378. The Stealth Kill: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing leak in the Dental Heart Disease Labyrinth? 
During this down turn in the "high end" dental implant business, I have been morphing my practice toward periodontal treatment. Lower fees than implant dentistry but more procedures with very low over-head is very profitable. Plus you are saving patients the misery ofchronic inflammatory diseases later in their lives. You really feel like you are making a difference in your patients' lives. Many of these patients, you will actually save their lives from a heart attack. Patients that understand the contents of my new book are highly motivated to treat their periodontal disease. The book was written for the public, but dentists and physicians will not be disappointed with it. I hope you will use this book as a tool in your practice. The publisher is willing to give a 40% discount to dentists or physicians who order fifty copies at a time. These can be used in your periodontal programs and can be given to your patients. Also, this is a good book for future implant patients to read for informed consent before performing grafting and implant procedures. No attorney could argue that you didn't inform your patient of the problems with periodontal disease before you treat for this disease. It was a labor of love. I hope you will be as inspired by this project as I have been - William Nordquist Insider's Guide to Gum Disease, Orthodontics and Dentistry: What is not taught in dental school By David C DiBenedetto DMD This practical guidebook provides valuable tips on the importance of good occlusion, periodontal disease prevention, and what to expect from an orthodontist. Book Description Patients spend millions of dollars each year on diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. A practicing dentist and expert witness with over twenty-five years of experience takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of dentistry while teaching about the importance of good occlusion, how orthodontists have failed their patients, and the many shortfalls of periodontics. David DiBenedetto, DMD, claims that occlusion how our teeth meet when our jaws are brought together is of crucial importance to dental health. He also states that the field of orthodontics continues to concern itself about aesthetics, not on how jaws function, even though studies illustrate that orthodontic treatment does not increase the chances of keeping teeth later in life. Dr. DiBenedetto has made it his life’s work to educate dental patients on the importance overall health plays in determining dental health and in what treatment works best for periodontal disease. You will learn: How periodontists and orthodontists think How the jaw works How to determine what you want from your orthodontist How you can keep your teeth and gums healthy Case histories, photographs, and diagrams are provided in this informative guidebook that will help explore your difficult dental questions in a logical manner. Buy now

  1. New Essential Endodontology on the horizon - (one of the best books on endo biology
  2. Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics (Hardcover)
    by H.T. Shillingburg (Author)
    Price: £41.00 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery
    Dispatched from and sold by
  3. Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry by Jan Lindhe
    £110.00 Used & New from: £72.45
    A masterpiece - the bible for perio and implants
  4. Textbook of Endodontology by Gunnar Bergenholtz £72.50 Used & New from: £71.24
    New-ish but a great book from some of the leaders in endo
  5. Essential Endodontology by Dag Orstavik
    £89.50 Used & New from: £85.44
    The classic endo textbook.
  6. Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual by J.O. Andreasen
    £27.99 Used & New from: £22.00
    The smallest of the Andreasen's books and a great quick study
  7. Essentials of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth: A Step-by-Step Treatment Guide by J.O. Andreasen
    £65.00 Used & New from: £62.17
    The next one up from the manual - for a bit more info, again from the trauma gurus
  8. Dental Caries: The Disease and Its Clinical Management by Ole Fejerskov
    £80.00 Used & New from: £48.00
    A new classic - a must have. Beautiful colour images
  9. Human Disease for Dentists by David Gawkrodger
    £30.87 Used & New from: £12.94
    Really useful - and not just for students
  10. Principles of Operative Dentistry: The Fundamentals by Alison Qualtrough
    £24.99 Used & New from: £21.74
    A theory book but well-written so easy to get along with
  11. Applied Dental Materials by JF McCabe
    £29.72 Used & New from: £28.15
    *The* materials book
  12. Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach by G. Koch
    £77.50 Used & New from: £60.74
    A really comprehensive book
  13. Prosthetic Treatment of the Edentulous Patient by Emeritus Prof RM Basker
    £34.99 Used & New from: £31.43
    The other end of the spectrum - an excellent textbook. Really helpful
  14. Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery by Abd El Salam El Askary
    £82.50 Used & New from: £49.50
    Another implant book - this time with an aesthetics focus
  15. Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by Mr UJ Moore
    £29.99 Used & New from: £28.57
    An unsung hero. Very straightforward textbook
    1) Esthetic Dentistry-An Artist's Science - by Dr Ratnadeep Patil 
    "With Esthetics, a revolution has occurred in the field of patient care. Through his book, Dr. Ratnadeep Patil has undertaken the monumental task of circumscribing these revolutionary changes for the benefit of the fraternity." - Dr Irwin Smigel, DDS, President, American Society for Dental Aesthetics. Price Rs 1900/- plus postage - US$ 60 for international orders (inclusive of postage and handling charges)
    2)Comprehensive Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist by Mea A. Weinberg, et al
    There is now a significant body of knowledge about the risk factors, pathogenesis and treatment, and prevention of periodontal diseases. Yet this knowledge is rarely applied as an evidence-based approach to the difficult problem of deciding when specific... Retail price $44.00 Our Price $36.99 You Save $7.01 Buy Now and receive FREE Shipping! (U.S. orders only)
    3) Atlas of Minor Oral Surgery by Dym & Ogle
    This book is a highly illustrated reference book for the general dentist who wants to expand his office. Detailed line drawings are used to present oral and maxillofacial procedures step-by-step. This book is a resource for both clinical and... Our Price $75.00 . Buy Now and receive FREE Shipping! (U.S. orders only)
    4) Dental Secrets by Stephen T. SonisThe content of all chapters has been updated and revised. Questions, answers and illustrations reflect current additions to dental materials, surgical techniques, modalities for diagnosis and infection control, and OSHA mandates. All the latest clinical... Our Price $39.00 Buy Now and receive FREE Shipping! (U.S. orders only)
    Protaper flaring
    6 yr old Empress
    Cvek pulpotomy
    Middle mesial
    Endo misdiagnosis
    MTA retrofill
    Resin core
    BW importance
    Bicuspid tooth

    Necrotic #8 treatment
    Finding MB2 / MB3
    Deep in a canal
    Broken file retrieval
    Molar cases
    Pushed over apex
    MB2 and palatal canal
    Long lower third
    Veneer cases
    CT Implant surgury

    Weird Anatomy
    Apical trifurcation
    Canal and Ultrasonics
    Cotton stuffed chamber
    Pulp floor sandblasting
    Silver point removal
    Difficult acute curve
    Marked swelling
    5 canaled premolar

    Sealer overextension
    Complex anatomy
    Secondary caries
    Zygomatic arch
    Confluent mesials
    LL 1st molar (#19)
    Shaping vs Cleaning
    First bicuspid
    In Vivo mesial view
    Inaccesible canals

    Premolar 45
    Ortho and implant
    Lateral incisor
    Churning irrigant
    Cold lateral
    Tipped to lingual
    Acute pulpitis images

    Middle distal canal
    Silver point
    Crown preparation
    Epiphany healing
    Weird anatomy
    Dual Xenon
    Looking for MB2
    Upper molar resorption
    Acute apical abcess
    Finding MB2

    Gingival inflammation
    Irreversible pulpitis
    AG BU ortho band
    TF Files
    using TF files
    Broken bur
    Warm technique
    Restorative prognosis
    Tooth # 20 and #30

    Apical third
    3 canal premolar
    Severe curvature
    Interesting anatomy
    Chamber floor
    Zirconia crown
    Dycal matrix
    Cracked tooth
    Tooth structure loss
    Multiplanar curves