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Some curves
- Courtesy ROOTS

A few curvy teeth from yesterday. I couldn't get any further down the mesial in the bridge abutment, tried everything I know, but EAL was showing 0.5 so I hope things will be ok.

The two teeth were opened in Austria, and left with nothing in the chambers. I am always very wary of teeth like this, and chose to treat over 2 visits, with ledermix in between to help reduce any inflammation and biological imbalances caused by me instrumenting and upsetting the balance of the microbes. There was a lot of debris compacted in here, and getting to length was a challenge. I'm glad the symptoms subsided after a couple of days, and the obturation appointment was pretty straightforward. Also noted the area of resorption and treated this with TCA. There was no communication outside the root. - Bill Seddon

Very nice Bill ..............but what is the shadow just mesial to the treated tooth (with the bridge) in the area just below the pontic............Root stumps????

I really like the way you've put it .........................."biological imbalances caused my me instrumenting and upsetting the balance of microbes".......balance of microbes is the key word :-) - Sachin

Sachin, They certainly look like retained roots. the bridge is 20 years old, so I don't imagine anything needs doing with them. - Bill