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Chamber stuffed with cotton - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 12:46 AM
Subject: [roots] Pulp Loving Gone Awry

I don't know if I posted the initial consultation of the patient a 
couple months ago, but in summary, he had gone to a holistic 
"endodontist" who had opened all four of his maxillary molars 
(#'s 2,3,14,15), had flare-ups he couldn't control, kept 
"medicating" the teeth, and finally left them all open (for months).  
The patient ended up seeing a general dentist who continued with 
the same philosophy and treatment.  I was sent the treatment 
notes which were harder to interpret than the Dead Sea Scrolls 
and also got a copy of the wacky material sensitivity report that
basically showed no modern dental materials could be used.

Interestingly, the patient was very nice and had been talked into 
the wacko dentistry by the wacko dentists, it wasn't his strongly 
held belief to undergo this foolishness and when I explained what 
needed to be done to him, he jumped on board with my treatment 
plan immediately.

All four teeth had a "conservative, "ship in a bottle" access" 
with the chamber stuffed with cotton and misc. grocery produce.  
He was swollen on the right side, and primarily uncomfortable on 
that side as well. I scheduled a long visit to clean, shape, 
and close #'s 2 and 3 with CH.  He was mildly uncomfortable on 
the left side afterwards and he still seemed to have percussion 
sensitivity related to #2 that lasted 3 weeks. I replaced the 
CH in #2. He's much better so I cleaned shaped and closed #'s 
14 and 15 today.  Four molars, Four missed MB2's

#14 was interesting because I took out the semi-calcified/septic 
palatal pulp once I extended the access. Clearly, this is an example 
of the most extreme "Pulp Loving" or pulp preservation I've seen.  
Can you regenerate a pulp out of bacterial cells instead of 
stem cells? :):):)

The notes were pretty amazing to read.  It seemed like they were 
written by a psychiatrist noting the patient's emotions, behavioral 
responses, and counselling needs than it did a dental chart - Terry

this post reminds me of a patient of mine , the dentist started to do 9 pulpectomies in the upper jaw , in the first visit he opened up all teeth, he did "something", left them open and started to prepare the teeth for crowns:) - Sergiu Terry, Your description of the "holistic dentist" reminded me of these guys I think you'll enjoy No swearing or sexist/racist stuff I think - Gareth

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