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Cleaning, shaping and obturation - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: RafaŽl Michiels
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 7:18 PM
Subject: [roots] Sunday molar endo

Just a case I finished today. (A friend of mine, hence the working on sunday)
The diagnosis radiograph was taken with normal films, since in the first visit, 
we had some problems with our digital system.

Today he came back for the second appointment.

Cleaning: NaOCl 3%, EDTA 17% final rinse, PUI and cone pumping.
Shaping: Hybrid technique protaper & profile, apical finishing with handfiles
Obturation: warm vertical compaction.
Sealer: AH+

Kind regards - RafaŽl

Nice case RafaŽl!!! - Leandro Peraira Raphael, I would like to have the following informations: Did you cut a bit of your GP point after the Xray with GP inside the roots canals and before you did your vertical compaction. Yes, I shortened the ML guttapercha cone. All cones were size 30.06 and the apical part was snipped with the tip snip from sybronendo. After the gutta percha cone fit, I cut the ML guttapercha to a size 35 and checked the length, which was now 0.5 mm shorter. I doubted to do the same with the distals, but I got a good fit there, so I decided to leave them as they were - RafaŽl You write: vertical compaction ,which kind of compaction did you do ?. I fitted the cone, then took the system B to 4 mm of working length and remove the coronal part of the gutta percha. Then I condense it with a plugger. Then I take the needle to about 3mm of working length and again remove the coronal gutta percha. Then I place small amounts of guttapercha with the obtura and condense them. About 2mm each time. So it is the standard system B + obtura technique, with that difference that I take the system B twice or sometimes more if needed deeper in the canal then propagated by the manufacturer and their representatives. I do not believe that 4mm is enough - RafaŽl You finish the apical , third I mean, with hand file how far from the apex ? I take the handfiles to working length, I keep the finishing (F1, F2, 30.06, 35.06) rotaries to about 0.5mm from working length - RafaŽl By the way you did a nice job - Paul NOYER Thank you for your answer Raphael . I though there was something like that because the AH+ usually with his too light body makes more puff than you did . Another question : which temperature did you use ? 200 Degree C or more? - Paul NOYER It is 200įC., but unless I use thermocouples to check this, I cannot be sure. That's why - RafaŽl Hi Raf, Very nice job, A question though: why 200įC and not...for instance...330įC? - Amir Hello Amir, Manufacturer's recommandations are 200įC. -RafaŽl

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