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Cracked Tooth Syndrome - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Javier Pascual
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 1:02 AM
Subject: [roots] Cracked Tooth Syndrome

This patient came today in the morming.

She says that tooth 2.6 is sensitive when she bites and little sensitive 
with cold drinks.

Normal probing
No vertical/horizontal percussion
Normal response to cold test
Positive response to Bite-Test (the spanish version of tooth slooth 
"ortho band adaptator")

She is being treated because her bruxism by her GP, but she doesn´t use
her dental splint. After showing this pictures I hope she minds her problem.

Teeth exploration reveals multiple fractures lines and loss of occlusal 
anatomy.  Pulp seems not to be affected, patient has some economic problems. 
She is advised of the uncertain prognosis of this tooth. Would you recomend 
to place an ortho band as economic solution? extraction? crown? -  Javier

Hi Javier, that canine and the first premolar look more like bulimia than bruxism to me - Winfried Javier look at the distal of 26 looks like you have a periodontal pocket there. This may be associated with a fracture - Carlos Murgel

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