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Jammu Tawi
New Delhi
Australia  Belgium  Canada  Dubai  Egypt  Gulf  Hongkong  Iceland  Iran
Kuwait  New Zealand  Oman   Pakistan  Riyadh  Saudi Arabia  Switzerland  UAE  UK  USA directory Congratulations. We like your web site so much that we've added it to the directory. Criteria for selection include: Content of interest to healthcare professionals, Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level, Site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level and A high level of integrity and credibility
Dr Nita D Gupta , UK Its an excellent site to get info and communicate. Its a good site too for knowing whats happenning in the indian dental sector. Came across accidentally-sure going to visit more often now and also informing my dental friends all over the globe.
St. Dr. R.S. Garewal, Indore, Indore i was very happy to visit a site like this site, the news letters i keep recieving from you all is just what i need, to increase my knowledge and to know whats going on around the country
Dr.Ajay Dhankhar, USA I am honoured to see my people coming up with such a well made web site, very professional and very updated...
Dr Yasmeen, Canada I am a dentist in Canada,educated in India.I love to visit "Dental India" website Its an amazing website which gives info on all the latest technologies in dentistry. Makes me proud that I am an India and Dental India is doing such a fabulous job
Dr(Miss) Barkha,India This is really great work done by Dental India ....visited the website for the first time and was highly impressed ,,,,
Dr Prashanth, India I came across your site while going through the search engines for a good dental portal.I feel 'the search has come to an end'. One of the best sites i have ever come across,for myself and my patients in the corporate sector for a quick overview about the various aspects of dentistry'.
Dr. Wolfgang Walzinger, Switzerland Being interested in some informations about dentistry in India, I found your website very helpfull, informative and very well done
Dr Kumarswamy, Mumbai My heartiest congrats for a fabulous attempt in getting the dental fraternity together. I have been a constant hitter of ur website
Dr Reema Sharma, Australia its a great read and comparasion to the dental board here in Australia...
Dr Mohammad Ali Mostafavi, Iran I,m an Iranian dentist educated in India, going to your page took me back to my good old days of my stay in India,I hope to find my old classmates thru your site.Thanks
Dr Y Naren Kumar, London I am very happy to tell you that the materials & the letters you are sending me are very informative. I am sure all your subcriber of your site are really benifitted by your services. your interest & your active involvement will definitely make this site a great hit. Am in london now doing my clinical attachment.But i see your mails regularly which are very informative. Thank you & all the Best for your web site improvement.
Dr Shubhdeep Raha, Calcutta This is indeed a very useful sight..and is of great use to dentists..particularly who are new in also helped me a lot in keeping myself well informed regarding the latest achievements in the field of dentistry...
Dr Deepa Sundaresh, Mysore This is a great site...truly lucky to have surfed in.
Dr Litesh Singla, Panchkula Very informative,must see site for dentists
Dr Shashank Nagar, U.P Excellent site for dentists & undergraduates
Bhairavi Vaishnav, Ahmedabad This is indeed a very useful site for everyone .I am a student in A'bad , Dental College .I visit this site regularly , hopefully it will help me in my future planning and keep me informing about Dentistry.
Dr R.V.Raghudeep, Bangalore I found this site very informative. Thankful to my friend thro' whom i came to know about the site.
Dr Irfan A Just Great!!!! Specially from the last time, I visited your site. It was very infomative, specially in terms of new procedures, conferences which is difficult to obtain. Keep up the good work.
Mr Robert Gannon,
"Sybron Dental" USA
I can not tell you how much I use your website. I do training for customer care people as well as sales people and I refer your website regularly because of the excellent material available. Talking about something and using plastic blocks is only so good. Seeing is believing....Thank You So Much...
Dr Rayeesa Congratulations ! A Very informative and mind absorbing site
Dr Saleem, Saudi Arabia Excellent and a very informative site giving news of the latest innovations in dentistry all over the world.
Dr Sanghmitra Dhar, UdaipurA wonderful site. It is a site to stay in touch with.
Dr Kannan S Komandur, USA Hi,I am from Chennai and got here to the USA recently. I just had a look at your site and all I can tell you is that it is amazing. Keep it up.
Dr V Ramaprasad, Trichy We have been the first in many fields. On the net we have been a bit slow to start. We shall catch up with the rest of them in no time. Well done and all the best. Regards, Dr V Ramaprasad, Chief Medical Officer, BHEL Hospital, Tiruchirappalli
Dr Mandava Rameshbabu Fantastic , covering all aspects of Dentistry. This is like continuing Dental Education at home. Please keep it up.
Dr Krubakaran, Anthiyur Very interesting and useful site, working for the upliftment of the Dentistry
Dr Renu Bala, Ambikapur Its really inspirating & wonderful to visit this site. It is needed today and it provides us to learn many more things to rectify ourselves & to improve. I appricate this site.
Geoff Dickey. World Dentistry, Inc. We too (, must congratulate you on a great site.
Dr Rohit S, Bangalore This is an excellent site to keep abreast of what is happening in the World of Dentistry.
Dr Rajiv S Khosla, Mumbai It is good to receive the digest regularly now . The site has grown tremendously in the last year. Please keep up the good work
Dr Glenn Van As, Canada I am a Canadian based dentist who posts regularly to ROOTS ( and I was amazed at the information that was available here for dentists from all over the world to view. The comprehensive nature of the topics covered here from endo, restorative , cosmetic and prosthodontic topics is truly outstanding. The animation work and web site design is really easy to navigate and view. I congratulate you on all your fine work and look forward to seeing you update your web page in the future as it is nice to see all the information one needs in one site.
Dr Nanda P K, Bhubaneswar Excellent site for our dental professionals. Keep it up.
Org Secretary, 56th IDC, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Dr Anil Kumar B, Dubai Dental India is one of the best and well illustrated site on the net. Do keep it up by adding regular updates and interesting case reports.
Dr Tushar K Bharwada, Surat Fantastic!
Dr Sethi, P S The site is really very cool and almost any kind of information is right under your finger tips.
Dr Nilma Sharma, New Delhi Dental India News Digest and website is very informative and interesting helping Dentistry evolve better and always ready with the solutions
Dr Hemang R Zala, Ahmedabad It is very informative to dentists world over
Dr Minal Gaikwad, USA very informative,keeps me in touch with my proffesion with respect to india
Dr Shuba, Hyderabad Excellent website with loads of information and very knowledgeable site. Hope it would give us all the help required.
Dr P K Agrawal, New DelhiCongratulations for the good work and I am sure someday Dentalindia Site will be on top in India.
Dr Sherif Elfeel, Egypt I do like your site very is one of the best ...very detailed but simplified wealth of knowledge
Dr (Mrs) Ritu Punia, New Delhi The site was a wonderful discovery. Loads of useful information. I will certainly recommend it to others
Dr Charu Dayal, Ghaziabad Highly informative and interactive.Helps in keeping abreast with the latest trends in dentistry.Thank You!
Dr Kapil Garella, New DelhiIt gives a very global view to the field of dentistry
Dr Anil Purohit, Nagaur (Rajasthan) Some times with the "AASHIRWAD" of God things goes in great manner. God is with this site. I have experience of internet for only few days. I love this site keep it up
Dr Chandramouli B, Raichur exquisite site for the practitioners
Dr Vipin K Dabas, New DelhiVery informative site. Its really a commandable job for the benefit of the Dental Profession in particular and for the society in general
Dr P S Sethi, ManipalThe site is complete in all aspects of providing first hand dental informations.Please do keep it up.
Dr Harsh Chaturvedi Very good site. I have visited this site for the first time but found it to be very useful for the Dental Professionals.Wish all the very best in the future.
Dr Prakash Govitrikar , PuneA difficult job beautifully done, Congratulations
Dr Nikhil This website is very informative for dental / paradental group.This site covers all useful knowledge about dentistry .It is best site amongs the dental sites.
Dr Hemanth B Prabhudev, BangaloreMany thanks for the wonderful website
Dr Saif Siddiqui, BhubaneshwarGood Work, Keep it up!
Dr Rashmi Singh, KolkataA good site with lots of information easily available at the finger tip.
Dr Vineet Dhar, Udaipura much needed and most happening dental site in India. My best wishes are with this site.
Dr.(Ms)Shail Jaggi , Pune One of the good dental websites and news digest that i've seen in a long time .I also like it because its got a simple layout and easy interactive methods .The simple layout makes the download time shorter and also allows the individual to go straight to the reference of interest. Good work .
Dr (Miss) Javeria Mirza, Hyderabad I have never come across such a fabulous and amazing Dental site. It is very informative and keeps us aware of of the New Dental Innovations. It has the best case studies with beautiful and clear pictures. Its News Digest is indeed the best
Dr K Nagesh, Bangalore Excellent professional service and help. Please keep up the good work.
Dr Venuspal Singh Sidhu, Patiala Dental India is the best dental site for Indian as well as International Dentists
Dr(Mrs) Sharn Sandhu, Amritsar Visited this site first time today and immensely liked it. Will visit it more often now.
Dr Tom Jose , U A E Quite a good site & useful in keeping uptodate with the news
Dr Vinod Miriyala, USA Time appropriate tool!
Dr Arun Nayak, Mumbai Your site is doing tremendous good to the dental fraternity and you are doing a mammoth task more efficiently each day
Dr Thind Please accept my deepest heart felt congrats on acheiving this level of professionlism in dentistry & internet
Dr Apurev Mehra Excellent work has been done in conceptualizing this very informative site on dentistry.
Dr Jagan Babu P, Uthangarai this work is very excellent. site like dental india is very much need of the hour to bring dentist together online and to dicuss and upgrade our knowldge hats off to u .keep it up
Dr Rajesh Kamdar, Mumbai Tremendous work!
Dr Saurabh Chandra A job well done!
Dr Navreet Kaur Sidhu, Patiala I prefer Dental India to any other dental site
Dr (Ms) Arathi Rathnaker Kumble, Bangalore Very informative and an innovative way to update oneself with the latest happenings in dentistry.
Dr (Capt) G.Sudesh
Dr (Mrs) Rashmi Sudesh
Calicut, Kerala
very informative & educational. BEST DENTAL SITE AVAILABLE.
Dr Kamlesh Desai You have done a splendid job so far.I find your articles very authentic and state of the art. Please keep it up and add more of the same to your list.
Dr Venka Amit, Hyderabad Good Venture!
Dr Ravi Kumar Peratoti, Visakhaptnam
I found this site very informative and useful.I am very happy to found this site and i congratulate each and every one who took pain and responsibility in bringing this site.
Dr Prashanth N, Bangalore Excellent, keep it up!
Dr K V Krishna Prasad - Oman Excellent one!
Dr (Prof) S R Prabhu, Riyadh In tune with the rest of the world, excellent work!
Dr Sunil Bennur, Simla This website has all the potential to become one of the best resource site for dentists
Dr.J.Ashok Reddy, MangaloreIt is a GOLDMINE for dentists!
Dr Sudhakar Panju, Chennai Very informative and one of the sites I visit often for my dental updates, a very good work
Dr Desmond John, Kollam Beneficial site!
Dr Bhushan I am a regular viewer also a member of since 3 yrs. Its a very informative site for all .I recommend it as my 1st choice in dental site
Dr Navin Chug, Bangalore Good!
Dr Shyam, New Delhi A good updated dental website which has been sucessful in creating in-roads into the latest developments
Dr H Khandir, Pakistan Some days back I took the site from one of my friend....and really it is very nice site...and really if some one wants to get knowledge and know what is dentistry ,this is the most interesting site.....
Dr (Mrs.)Varsha S Padhye, Raichur News Digests very regular and informative and excellent website
Dr Bhavna, India Excellent web site for brushing up your skills. Makes me feel like a student again
Dr shreesh padhye, Raichur Excellent
Dr R S Sengupta, Dhanbad Must not miss this site!
Dr Srinivasan Balasubramanian, Pune Very informative!
Dr N Pattanshetti, Kuwait Informative and useful
Dr Sejal D. Shah, Hongkong Good and informative.
Dr Sanjay Sachdeva, Belgium
An excellent ,informative website with knowledge of all the contemprary happenings in dentistry...
Dr Jasdev Singh, Canada Very good effort!
Dr Shiyas Salim, Gulf Very interesting and informative!
Dr Binu Joseph Thomas, Kerala Very useful!
Dr Kedar Pathak, Pune Very good website!
Dr Nitish Surathu, Chennai You are doing a great job!
Dr Rumpa Wig Terrific news update......makes me feel global. Kudos
Click here to send your comments/suggestions Thank you all for your support,appreciation and encouraging words....Webmaster... Dental India

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