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Cosmetic dentistry - Courtesy ROOTS

From: ahmad tehrani
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2008 9:33 AM
Subject: [roots] "cosmetic" dentistry .......NOT!

One year old porcelain onlay that's been cemented twice since "
it just kept falling out". Even the worst, newest improved BA still
can't bond to decay and crud. what a shame, no?..))

Patient was in agony when I saw her. All the symptoms you expect
to be present with IP. Multiple craze lines seen under the scope,
but no periodontal pockets or loose segment detected clinically.
There was a thick layer of pulp stone covering the entire pulp
chamber extending inside the canals. Just routine endodontic
treatment after a provisional bldup. Prepared the distal margin
so she can brush it 4-5 times daily with Peridex so the tissue
can heal.- ahmad

layer of pulp stone

layer of pulp stone

layer of pulp stone

layer of pulp stone

classy treatment ahmed... what POS onlay...Oliver Jones

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