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Better endodontics - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Dr. Danny O'Keefe
Date: 16th November 2005

Very interesting and instructive case and documentation, thanks for sharing!! - Carlos Heilborn Danny: This case and your documentation is more valuable as a teaching exercise (for colleagues trying to get better in Endodontics) than beautiful cases showing great anatomy, negotiated curves, 5 canals or lateral canals. etc etc. I thank you for sharing it. I will admit that something similar happened to me about 32 years ago. My assistant placed the rubber dam in a pontic and I went through it....I even placed an instrument and took an x-ray. Nobody learns from mistakes of others, but I would recommend everybody to look carefully at Danny's case and engrave it in your minds. - Ben Ben , thanks, Even placed an instrument ? I didnít think of that. I was thinking of taking an x-ray to show my progress with the initial opening just as I did just before I perfed the real tooth. How do you spell perffed ? Neither way is right according to my computer dictionary - Dr. Danny O'Keefe This is why I have a Sharpie pen on my set up tray. A big black line on the offending tooth helps stop this. I always place the dam myself as well.- Bill Thanks Bill, I guess the sharpie shows through the rubber dam. I will definitely forward your e-mail and bring this suggestion to action in our office. - Dr. Danny O'Keefe Great idea with the sharpie pen bill. But it is the reason that nobody but me places the dam. I then have only myself to blame for a screwup. - Gary Hey Danny, Damned good thing that was a pontic instead of a vital tooth that you opened. If your assistant places the dam on the wrong tooth YOU are liable (and she is fired.) Donít ask me how I know that. L You can easily avoid that problem by marking the tooth with a bur mark, pencil, etc. before you access but DO mark it it can save you a LOT of trouble- believe me. - Rob Thanks Rob, this is a very tragic mistake to make, almost as bad as pulling the wrong tooth. - Dr. Danny O'Keefe And you never make mistakes. How long you been doing this Rob? - Guy I thought I made a mistake ONCE but I was mistaken - Rob

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