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 Apex locators
The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Artura

From: Artura
Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 3:48 AM
Subject: [roots] apex locators again

once upon a time i was very content  and confident in my tri auto zx
handpiece. i briefly used it as a handpiece but did not like it as such.
but i really liked it as an apex locator.  i used it for ~ 6 years.  one
day when the assistants were turning over the room i had just finished an
rct in and they dropped it on the floor.  it cracked in half and i could
not put it together again.

after soliciting opinions on this forum and others about new apex locators
i decided to buy the sybron endo mini.  ive used it for ~ 1 month and i
have to say i am struggling w it.  to the point where i called the company
and told them i was getting erratic readings and did not feel confident in
it.  they told there may be something wrong w the unit and shipped me a
new one overnight.  i used that one today for a molar rct and i could not
trust it-again.  what has been happening over the last month is i am filling
short, im filling long and geting lucky and filling some right.  point is
i have lost confidence in this apex locator.  and i dont like that.  i
trusted my auto zx locator implicitly.  i dont have any confidence in the
mini.  i made sure to follow instructions and it still drove me nuts.

i need to have an apex locator i can trust.  any tips for making this go
right w the mini?  any recommendations for other apex locators?

i cant do good endo with no confidecne in my apex locator - Arturo

ps- take a look at #30 from today.  think i went long?  could not tell to
save my life from the mini.  help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

apex locator

apex locator

I've also had trouble with the Mini. I found that filling the pulp chamber with RC Prep was helpful in getting reproducible measurements, but I still don't have the same confidence in the readings that I do with the Osada Endex. Yes, you have to recalibrate it for every canal, but it tracks beautifully. I'll sell you one of my Root ZXs if you're interested. - Drew buy another tri-auto...... i have 2 of them... love it!! - Tarun Agarwal, DDS I have had problems with my RootZX from day one with vital cases, especially the first visit. Consistent readings, but either long or short. But my old Neosono D would sometimes do the same problem. Have I been living in a vacuum assuming it is a "feature" of pulp testers in general? Are your pulp testers rock solid on vital cases? - Hank I use a raypex 5 and its totally bankable :-) - Oliver Jones Arturo, this is going to be strange on a forum where we tend to buy the biggest and best and most expensive but try the Parkell unit. You can return it if you don't like it. It is a simple unit and usually very good in my hands. I have a ZX II and on some days it tries my patience. I have two Parkell's and I usually end up dragging them out and getting a dead on reading. The leads need to be sturdier but the ZX leads fit it also so no problem. Sometimes we overlook an excellent choice because it is so inexpensive. The mini issue is WHY mini. I'm 64, need to see, and damned can't hear that little beep. I didn't realize the ZX beeped until the girls told me one day that the beep drove them crazy. What beep? - Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS calibrating for every canal sounds like a pain in the a__. is it? - Arturo any recommendations on the raypex 4 or dentsply propex? - Arturo I use the raypex 4, had a bit of a learning curve to it but now its fine, tends to give erratic readings when the battery is dying though - Abdul Dear Arturo, All Dentsply apex locators are just rebranded foreign products. Not just rebranded they also add 30% to the price - I don't like it. If I remember correctly the current Propex is just a fake NSK. The NSK in it's turn is based on the Israeli MedicNrg. The same is used in the miniEndo from SyberEndo. Fred said enough about it. I would just get the new MedicNrg (read P.S). Raypex 4 is a rebranded Israeli Bingo 1200. I would buy the original as well. It's not bad, I just didn't like it that much. Even in literature they said it's a little long most of the time. You can of course shorten all your lenghts, I just don't like it. Many others do like it. There is already a Raypex 5 but it also seems to be a Bingo clone. - Thomas P.S I consult MedicNrg Yep. Put batteries in it first :) I'm not familiar with the dentsply, but somewhere in my collection of stuff the raypex 4 came out as good as the others. In today's world, there is almost more issues with the loose nut behind the device, i.e. the operator, than there is with most of the devices. And I'll betcha even if you have one that is 2mm off, give yourself a week of use, and you'll be able to make the adjustment to spot on based on your results. Keep in mind I still have a zx II I'm willing to part with! :) - gary hi i am using raypex 4 for 2 years and results are great - Mirco Medic In my experience so do they all. thatís why we toss batteries before the meter reaches half - gary That was my backup when the zxII went back to morita to be checked. Didn't miss a beat - Gary I have three different apex locators My overwhealming favorite is the Sybron Mini-apex locator Its spot-on every time Remembering it finds more lateral canals that my other units and you have to find the pdl and then step back for the apical capture zone Couldn't live without my Sybron mini ! - Jeremy Rourke All the EAL use the same principle. The only think you can trust - is APEX or 0,0. That is your algorithm of measurement using your EAL? - Renaldas
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