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Special thanks to Dr B Praveen for compiling this abstract

	This is the most neglected aspect of any private practice in our country 
today.The dentist and the staff must realise that to get more patients and to sustain
the patients who are already there,it is necessary to develop a good rapport with
the patient and also have an excellent communication with him ,both ,at a
professional and personal level.A positive attitude with a general interest in the
patient's, as well as the community's welfare is essential.All activities of the
dentist outside his four walls add to the status of the practice (or degrade the
practice) depending on the nature of the activity.The dentist has to concentrate on
the individual patient,family,the group and also the community as a whole.Some
of the steps that need to be implemented are mentioned below:
1. Thorough examination and assessment of all patients, including physical status;  
health history; full hard and soft tissue examination of the mouth, face, and
neck; radiographic survey; occlusal evaluation with mounted study casts; biopsies
of non resolving soft tissue lesion ;caries activity assessments; and assessment of
periodontal disease activity

2. Regular thorough recall examination, oral prophylaxis, and oral hygiene instruction
for all patients of record

3. Early treatment of oral and dental lesion, placement of properly contoured
restorations, and replacement of missing teeth

4. Topical and systemic regimens for prevention of caries and periodontal disease

5. Interceptive orthodontic procedures when indicated

6. Timely referral to both dental and medical specialists when indicated

7.Appropriate medication when necessary and ensuring patient compliance to the
prescribed regime.Avoid indiscriminate use of all drugs esp. antibiotics.

8.Infectious disease and bio-hazard safety measures.

9.Recommending change of habits and dietary life styles on a community basis.

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