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[Issue 29] 26, Aug 2001
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Comments on Dental India

Dr Kannan S Komandur, USA Hi,I am from Chennai and got here to the USA recently. I just had a look at your site and all I can tell you is that it is amazing. Keep it up. MORE Comments
FDI World Dental Congress - Kuala Lumpur
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Any diploma courses available?
Nov 2001
23-25 29th Indian Prosthodontic conference, Hyderabad
Dec 2001
08-09 FDI/IDA Joint Programme, New Delhi
I have completed,my BDS ,from B'lore.I am shifting to Mumbai permanently.Iwould like to know of any diploma courses available in Mumbai,My area of interests include conservative dentistry , perio,implantology or prosthodontia.Please let me know how I can apply for these courses.I would like to know of recognised dental course also,in the above fields.Thankyou Siva
Dental News

Procter & Gamble, Wrigley To Develop Crest Chewing Gum Procter & Gamble Co. and William W. Wrigley Jr. Co. will develop a line of chewing gum that they claim will do more than just freshen breath. The companies say the gum, carrying P&G's Crest toothpaste label, also will clean teeth...
Biora Enters Agreement Concerning New Product Biora has today entered into an agreement with USBiomaterials (Alachua, Florida) under which Biora can introduce a new product for treatment of defects caused by periodontitis...

New Products

Floss Boss is FDA approved and has been engineered to facilitate user friendly flossing. It is made of very durable ABS plastic and will provide you with many years of Superb Flossing. -- Floss Boss Inc., Sacramento, CA.
Patient Drapes provide full coverage from splatters and stains. Perforated for quick dispensing. -- Practicon Dental, Greenville, NC.
Mini Matt Container to hold instruments during procedure, disinfecting and autoclaving. -- Zirc Dental Products Inc., Buffalo, MN.

Breaking away from Managed Care

We practice dentistry. Practice doesn't make perfect, but persistent practice and lots of continuing education makes you a better dentist. I graduated from UMKC dental school back in 1987 and posterior composites seemed like Russian endo roulette. But persistence paid off and I was able to throw away the amalgam triturators in 1991. The first implant I ever surgically placed failed and I paid an oral surgeon to redo it. But a 100 surgical implants later they are starting to become predictable. In 1987 molar endo took me three one-hour appointments. Today, 15 years later, with Profile .06 tapered nickel titanium rotary files from Tulsa Dental Products that same procedure usually takes about an hour. Removing third molars used to make me sweat and make my hands shaky! Back in 1987, on several occasions, I had to call my buddy Bob Sundberg and tell him that I removed the crown, and would he mind removing the root tips. Today I would list removing impacted wisdom teeth as my favorite procedure. I can still remember back in 1987 when mom used to ask if her child would need ortho. I can still remember saying, "I don't know! What do you think?" And of course mom would say, "Well I thought you would know since you're the dentist!" And I would be thinking I don't have a clue! Today, after studying with Harry Green, Jack Sheridan, Richard Litt, and Brock Rondeau, I love to not only answer all of mom and dad's ortho questions, I actually love to do the case! In fact when ever someone says "Cosmetic dentist" I start thinking of ortho and bleaching long before veneers even enter my mind. - Dr Howard Farran DDS MBA MAGD click here for full text.

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