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 9 Clinical cases

From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 8:58 PM
Subject: [roots] 9 pictures for you

Recent clinical cases....I hope the attachments come through. - Fred

Now you are cooking Dr. Chairman of Einstein...)) I see that lesion on the lateral incisor is waving a white flag, so I guess there are no surgical approach, heh? - ahmad That lesion is an interesting one! I will follow it closely. - Fred Very nice !!! Resilon?? You have moved to the Dark side of the force!! :-)) No longer a pulp lover?? BTW... that lateral sure has a large lesion. Do send us the followups ... whenever that happens... Samir. As usual, beautiful. I found one of those beautifully round lesions at the apex of one of my Sealapex/GP endos from eight years ago. The lesion was there, but smaller, when I did the endo. Another Sealapex retreat coming up. It was a simple four canal molar. Guy IMPOSTERO !! Who IS this imposter that is posting these big puffs under the name of Fred Barnett?? I KNOW it canít be him. Look at that lateral. Heíd NEVER tolerate that kind of stuff in the PDL. Oh those poor overworked macrophages! The horror.. The horror.(with apologies to Francis Ford Coppola) Or maybe heís just rehearsing his puffs for the Amsterdam Coffee Houses next year ;-) I hear heís partial to Nepalese Temple Balls. Puff Puff Yeah, yeah, I didnít inhale. Patency files, warm vertical, puffs heíll never admit it publicly but heís getting closer to a BU guy (clinically) every day. - Rob Fred, The lesion in the lateral looks quite big ..............................Now how do you decide whether it is a True Cyst (in that case I guess surgery is a better option) or it is a Bay cyst ( in which case the chances of healing by just the treating the canal system would be quite bright)? we cannot identify what the pathosis is from the radiographs, so I treat as a typical AP case. The case has to show me that it is failing to heal to warrant additional treatment - Fred How long do you think would like to keep the tooth under observation before finally putting it in the healing and then the healed category?? I would like to see some signs of healing at 3m or 6m.- Fred Had you decided in favour of surgery in this case what duration of observation would you have liked ? Is the observation period more or less than the non surgical option? Prior to surgery, at least 1 year must pass as long as the lesion does NOT increase in size or a sinus tract develop.- Fred What do you tell the patient? Is the tooth under observation and that we just might need surgery and thereby putting some restlessness in the patients mind as to whether he just might need some procedure again on this tooth?? - Sachin I tell the patient that we need to follow-up this case to assess bone repair of the pathologic lesion - Fred
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