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  5 canal upper molar - tooth #14

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From: "Glenn Schreiber"
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 10:48 PM
Subject: [roots] 5 canal upper molar (#14)

Interesting case in my South Jersey office:

Pre op film suggested unusual anatomy of #14.
Found 5 distinct and patent canals, MB, MB2 and MB3, DB and P canals using ultrasonics. (see image)

Apical sizing with K files using M4 handpiece.  Then, gates glidden drills,
completed with NiTi rotary Profile series 29 and GT files.
Irrigation with 5% hypochlorite, with an alcohol chaser,
EDTA 17% rinse and filled with gutta percha lateral condensation with Roth cement.

Post op film wasn't able to separate the MB2 /MB3  but I'm happy with the result.
Also did #13 in the same very long visit.

Images include the pre and post op films and the intraop camera view of the canal orifices.

Glenn F. Schreiber DMD

Glenn, Congratulations on finding 3 MB canals, that took some careful looking. Looks like a lesion on the DB root, you might want to extend your preparation closer to the apex. The mesial canal on the bicuspid looks different than the distal, is it the same obturating material? On the Molar, did you use anything to rinse the EDTA out of the canals? - DanS