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Three canal lower premolar - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are -
From: Javier Pascual
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 12:20 AM

Previous attempt by GP to do the RCT on tooth 3.5 Unable to locate canals 
- Improper coronal access

Asymptomatic-Normal probing-No percussions Previously initiated 
therapy. Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis

Provisional wall with flowable resin. Access refined with the aid 
of the DM and ProUltra US Tips. Hybrid technique ProTaper/Profile. 
Canal Medication with Ca(OH)2 (No evidence of vital pulp tissue in 
the canals) Obturation with Guttapercha and resin based sealer with 
WVC technique. Permaflo Purple in the floor of the pulp chamber 
cotton pellet and Cavit - Javier Pascual

Nice case with great pics Javier - Rajiv Patel A very nice case and documentation. What kind of light do you have on your scope ? - Thomas Thank you very much Rajiv, JA and Thomas. Thomas I use (humble) Vasconcellos DF a 50/50 Vasconcellos Splitter and a Nikon Coolpix 4500 (if you like I can send you camera settings) Light source is standard hallogen 150W from Vasconcellos. Iīm taking my images at 1/125 or 1/250 speed. No or low zoom and with middle-high magnification levels - Javier Very nice case and presentation Javier - Sachin Thank you very much Sachin. This case isnīt very difficult if you use the scope. Easy identification of the RC anatomy with the preop rx and all canals merged from the pulp chamber. Weine type IV are the really bad lower premolars!! - Javier

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